We seek to make classic Irish literary works that are currently out of print, hard to obtain, or prohibitively expensive available to the public, and to re-popularise classic Irish works and authors. We believe that literature is the best expression of a country’s intellect and soul, and should be preserved and encouraged.

If we live influenced by wind and sun and tree,’ said Davis, ‘and not by the passions and deeds of the past, we are a thriftless and a hopeless people.’ 

We would also like to make it known that we also operate an Chartlann, the free archive of Irish nationalism, folklore, and history. All works in the public domain published by Cló Fiann will be freely available on an Chartlann. The work of Cló Fiann will not impact the work conducted on an Chartlann and all texts currently available on an Chartlann will remain freely accessible on the site.

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